Peter Furstenberg

Peter Furstenberg

Photography is one of my many passions and I have been taking photos for more than ten years now. My home country, South Africa, is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world and you don’t need to go far to find incredible vistas.

Blaze Photography is dedicated to my portrait, male form, fitness, still life, lifestyle, product and macro photography and showcases some of the best photographs I have shot over the last couple of years. I have learned to look past the general perception of what we’re told the perfect form is, but rather to look past all that and see the beauty in every human being.

Traveling is another passion and I have photographed many beautiful countries over the world, both photography and videography. I try to make a point of traveling as often as possible. To see new places, experience new cultures and see new perspectives on life.

Through this site I would like to share my art with the world. Some photos are a little more controversial than others and may at times contain nudity, but I believe we all should look at life in an open minded way and appreciate the human body for the incredible machine it is.